Kitesurfing lessons intermediate in Tarifa - 6 or 8 hours

Kitesurfing lessons intermediate in Tarifa - 6 or 8 hours

Intermediate course, complete control of the kite in the water, body dragging in the traction zone and with one hand, self rescue and first water starts.

Intermediate kite course is designed to achieve an independent level and to acquire knowledge and skills to practice first water starts safely and start riding. The intermediate kite course lasts for two days and it's divided into two phases: the first phase on the first day and the second one on second day. The course is organized in two lessons of 2, 3 or 4 hours (depending on the modality chosen: group, semiprivate, private).


FIRST STEPS (first day)

  • Introduction: brief theory of flying the kite, preparing the equipment and using the safety system.
  • Flying the kite: controlling the kite on the beach, launching and landing, controlling the kite with one hand, preparing for body dragging.
  • Body Drag in the water: Traction of the kite pulling your body in the water.

SECOND STEPS (second day)

  • Theoretical part: safety rules, different effects of the wind and self rescue.
  • In the water with the board: traction of the kite pulling your body, Body Drag, techniques to control the kite while putting on the board.
  • Water start: techniques to generate elevating power with the kite and getting up with the board.

*If you already have some knowledge about kitesurf, you can participate on a course that meets your level.
*You can choose the modality you prefer even if you come alone, we will put you into a group with correct level.

IKO kitesurf certification Level 1 and 2

Price: 6 hours 130 € / 8 hours 170 €

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